Blog Tour: After the Rain by Renée Carlino - Review

From the USA TODAY bestselling author of Sweet Thing and Nowhere But Here comes a deeply emotional contemporary romance about the second chances waiting beyond the shattered dreams of youth.

Under the bright arena lights of a rodeo show, young Avelina Belo falls for a handsome cowboy with a larger-than-life personality. After a whirlwind courtship, she happily moves away from her family in northern California and settles into married life with her cowboy on a seven-thousand-acre cattle ranch in Montana. One freak accident later, Avelina’s hopes for the future come to an end.

Nate Myers graduated from UCLA medical school at the top of his class, ready to follow in the footsteps of his father, a superstar cardiothoracic surgeon. Six years later, Nate’s career is being ruined by a malpractice suit. Questioning himself for the first time, he retreats to a Montana cattle ranch to visit his uncle and gain perspective. There, he meets a beautiful young woman named Avelina who teaches him more than he ever knew about matters of the heart.
This book was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed Renee’s book Nowhere but Here and the blurb for After the Rain seemed heartbreaking but also really interesting.

Avelina was a superrrrr sweet girl. She was so broken down when she met Nate that she didn’t recognize herself. I hate that she felt that way and that she felt the need to hid herself away from anyone. I was so happy when she met Nate because she finally came out of her shell. It was a beautiful transition.

Nate was such a great guy. He noticed Avelina when she didn’t want anyone to pay attention to her and he loved what he noticed. He had fallen on some hard times but it led him to Avelina and made him a better man. He was a stand-up guy and reminds me why I love good guys so much!

This book, in some places, was super heartbreaking as the synopsis implies. But it also gave me a lot of hope. Both characters were incredibly mature and made some hard decisions that were the best for them but were tough in the meantime.

Score number 2 for Renée! I am definitely on the lookout for her in the future!

Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: Before I knew what was happening, I kissed him instantly. He responded equally fast, returning the kiss and pressing me hard against the door to the cabin. Gripping the back of my neck with one hand and moving the other to my hip, he closed any empty space left between us. His lips were soft but his motions were urgent.
(From an advanced, uncorrected reader copy. Quote may not appear in final copy.)
After the Rain
Rating: 4.5/5 Tar Heels!

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