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After ten years in the employ of a mysterious crime boss, River “Captain” Kipling is ready to leave his sordid past—and his cover occupation as an upscale restaurateur—behind him. The only thing standing in the way of his “retirement” is his commitment to launch a new restaurant in the resort town of Rosemary Beach. With his sister, Blaire, nearby, Captain can delay his dream of running a humble bar on the waterfront, but the unwanted attentions of his head server, Elle, have him itching to get out.

Until he notices Rose Henderson, the new server at the restaurant. All he knows about the pretty redhead with the cute glasses is that she’s a hardworking single mom from Oklahoma. But there’s something overly familiar about her laugh…something strange about the way she looks at Captain…

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I absolutely loved Captain from the moment I met him on the boat when he met Blaire. When I heard he was getting his own book, I couldn’t wait!

Rose was such a sweetheart. I loved her and thought she was super loving, especially to her daughter. She was a wonderful mom. She was hard-working and did everything in the best interest of her daughter. Speaking of her daughter, she was the most precious thing on earth. Loved Franny! :)

Captain/River was equally as great. He did not let any women get close to him ever, so Rose was super different. I liked how he was around Franny and how protective he was of Rose. He also was mega sexy and successful, which is always a really great attribute.

WHEN IS NAN’S BOOK COMING OUT!? I know I ask this question every time I read an Abbi Glines book, but seriously I can’t wait. I love to read about villains getting redeemed.

Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: His other hand slid into my hair and cupped the back of my head while he kissed his way up my neck, stopping to give me small licks where my pulse beat furiously. He pressed his tongue against one small point and groaned.
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The Best Goodbye (Rosemary Beach, #13)
Rating: 4.5/5 Tar Heels!

About the Author:
Abbi Glines is the New York TimesUSA TODAY, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Field Party, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, and Existence series. A devoted book lover, Abbi lives with her family in Alabama. She maintains a Twitter addiction at @AbbiGlines and can also be found at
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