Top Ten Tuesday (12): Top Ten Favorite Romances

Top Ten Tuesday (12): Top Ten Favorite Romances
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1.     Juliette and Warner, Shatter Me series: I just finished Unravel Me (see review here), and I totally devoured it. Warner is beyond misunderstood, and it’s like he needs Juliette to breathe. I love this man so much, and I want him to have his happily ever after with Juliette! Key part: with Juliette. *glares angrily at Adam*
“I want so many things,” he whispers. “I want your mind. Your strength. I want to be worth your time.” His fingers graze the hem of my top and he says “I want this up.” He tugs on the waist of my pants and says “I want these down.” He touches the tips of his fingers to the sides of my body and says “I want to feel your skin on fire. I wat to feel your heart racing next to mine and I want to know it’s racing because of me, because you want me. Because you never,” he says, he breathes, “never want me to stop. I want every second. Every inch of you. I want all of it.”

2.     Adrian and Sydney, Bloodlines series: Having just reread the Bloodlines series in anticipation for The Indigo Spell, they are fresh on my mind. There is no one that understands Adrian like Sydney, and she was the first person to ever take a chance on him. I have heard amazing things about The Indigo Spell, and that it is filled with Syndrian feels!
“But when I’m around you, I want to be better because…well, because it feels right. Because I want to. You make me want to become something greater than myself. I want to excel. You inspire me in every act, every word, every glance. I look at you, and you’re like…like light made into flesh.

3.     Daemon and Katy, Lux series: This couple is just amazing. They have the perfect balance of witty and sarcastic quips and whispers of loving things.
“That I’m lucky, because the person I can’t get out of my head, the person who means more to me than I can stand, is still alive. She’s still there. And that’s you.”

4.     Anna and Étienne, Anna and the French Kiss: This is definitely my favorite contemporary ever, and it’s all because of the romance. They are ordinary people who are made extraordinary by each other. They have an understanding of each other that is unparalleled, and it’s absolutely wonderful. Étienne is perfect.
I trail my fingers across his cheek. He stays perfectly still for me. “Please stop apologizing, Étienne.”
“Say my name again,” he whispers.
I close my eyes and lean forward. “Étienne.”
He takes my hands into his.Those perfect hands, that fit mine just so. “Anna?”
Our foreheads touch. “Yes?”
“Will you please tell me you love me? I’m dying here.”
And then we’re laughing. And then I’m in his arms, and we’re kissing, at first quickly—to make up for lost time—and then slowly, because we have all the time in the world. And his lips are soft and honey sweet, and the careful, passionate way he moves them against my own says that he savors the way I taste, too.
And in between kisses, I tell him I love him.
Again and again and again.

5.     Perry and Aria, Under the Never Sky series: I was completely captivated by their story right from the beginning. It was sweet and developed perfectly. They rely on each other for strength but also push each other to succeed.

         Perry went still for an instant; then he cinched her close, momentum sending them thudding into the door behind him. He sank against it, bringing himself closer to her height, kissing her with a sudden urgency. With a hunger that she matched. His lips moved to her neck and trailed up to her ear, and the world fell away. She gasped and dug her fingers into his shoulders, pulling him closer-

6.      Varen and Isobel, Nevermore series: They couldn’t have come from more different worlds, but together, they just fit. In Enshadowed, Isobel risked it all to save Varen, and the ending literally killed me. To say that I am waiting patiently for book 3 would be a massive understatement.
He leaned down, far enough that the dark ends of his hair brushed feather-light against her face, caught in her lashes, She had just enough time to take in a breath, to blink, to part her lips before he took them with his own.

Time froze. Her heart ceased to beat. Her eyes fluttered shut.

The cool slip of the small metal loop pressed into her skin as he kissed her.

So slow.
Sweet, soft demolition.

7.     Jackson and Evie, The Arcana Chronicles: Although they grew up in different places with very contrasting values, they found a way around it and have some super hot moments. Jackson is definitely insanely swoon-worthy.
“Evangeline, I’ve got to feel you with my every step. Or I go a little crazy, me.”

8.     Noah and Echo, Pushing the Limits: Despite being in horrible places in their lives, they strengthened each other, becoming whole again.
This girl owned my soul and stole my heart. She’d opened herself to me, giving me love and never asked for anything in return.

9.     Noah and Mara, Mara Dyer series: Noah completely understands Mara and her craziness. He is exactly what she needed in her life. I heart this couple so much! And, as a plus, Noah is British.
“You can't hurt me the way you think you can. But even if you could? I would rather die with the taste of you on my tongue than live and never touch you again. I'm in love with you, Mara. I love you. No matter what you do.”

10. Aiden and Alex, Covenant series: After the awful obstacles this poor couple has had to go through, they deserve a billion happy-ever-afters! I feel Aiden is the calm to Alex’s raging storm; he keeps her level headed. With plenty of steamy moments in between. ;)
“I do need that. Being a Sentinel is important to me, but it’s not my world, my life, or my heart. You are.”

Picking these couples made me so nostalgic! I want to go back and read all these books. What are you favorite couples of all time?


  1. Haven't read Unravel Me yet but I know one thing. I. Love. Warner.

  2. squee wee have a bunch of the same ones so I think I really need to bump the ones I haven't read up my TBR list!

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  3. Anna & St. Clair made my list too. Great choices!

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  4. Noah and echo made my list too. Daemon and Katy, heck yes. How did I forget them. And and St. Clair are cute too. I'm not sure how I forgot Aria and Perry.

    Thanks for sharing and great list.

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    ~Danica@Taking It One Page at a Time

  5. Adrian and Sydney, yes yes yes!!! :D Great picks.

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  6. Varen and Isobel!! Yes! Should've put them on my list too!

  7. Yes! To Mara & Noah! Love them so much. I also adore Echo and Noah...and Anna and St Claire. Sigh...

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  8. Now I hate myself for not reading Bloodlines yet, but I totally loved Adrian in the VA series!

    I agree with Anna and Pushing the Limits too! :D Great picks!

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  9. Something about that moment (like the moment you listed in Anna) that makes you think you are the only one in the universe, the only one who is perfectly and completely happy.

    That's why I love romance.

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    . I'd love to have you stop by and share your thoughts.

  10. Hi! I'm new to your blog and OH MY, I love your design! The dark and lighter blues are so pretty :) That Evolution quote made my heart race. I want my own Noah Shaw. And I really need to get to Jennifer L. Armentrout's books already! I've heard brilliant things about them :)

  11. Lol I'm so mad at myself, for not including JLA! */slap*
    Great list!
    New follower!!
    Beth @ YA Vixens
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    1. So after realizing I only had NINE for my top ten, I added JLA! hehe

  12. SO, I feel like we were MEANT to be blogging buddies. Because I'm a Tar Heel that LOVES to read too! Seriously! This is the most amazing find of my day :) Love your blog, love these books, love everything! New follower for sure!

  13. I SO need to get on reading Unravel Me! I've seen Juliet & Warner several times now... It's killing me! Great list!

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