Swoon Thursday (13)

Swoon Thursday (13):
YA Bound created a spicy meme where every week I’ll highlight what has made me swoon from a book I am currently reading or one I’ve just finished. Basically what got my heart pounding, skin tingling, and stomach fluttering.

What made me absolutely swoon this week:

He kissed me hard, and long enough that I could taste more of him in my mouth than myself. I dug my fingernails into his shoulder, because I had learned that every time I did, he press his hips harder against mine. If he weren’t careful, I would draw blood soon. His hands smoothed up my sides, sending shivers across my skin when he passed the sensitive spots. And finally, one hand stole around my back, reaching for the clasp of my bra.
This book was beyond swoony and so sweet! It had a hot British guy in it, so of course I loved it.

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  1. LOVED THIS BOOK. I can't wait until Faking It is released.