Top Ten Tuesday (10): Top Ten Settings I'd Like To See More Of

Top Ten Tuesday (10): Top Ten Settings I'd Like To See More Of
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1.     France: I think Anna and the French Kiss is such an amazing story, and the setting is perfect. I’d love to see more books set in France.
2.     Space: Across the Universe has such an interesting setting, and I think there are endless possibilities about setting a book in space.
3.     Greece: I can’t imagine the amazingness of a book set in Greece. It’s so beautiful and the scenery scenes could be breathtaking and vivid.
4.     Boarding Schools: I know there are quite a few books with this setting already, but I can’t get enough!
5.     Beach Town: Beaches are beautiful, and a perfect setting for romantic evenings!
6.     Anywhere Historical: The Infernal Devices series and Something Strange and Deadly are some of my favorite series, and I definitely have a thing for times with carriages and corsets.
7.     Aspen, Colorado: Skiing is fun, and a book set here would be so cool. Spend a long day skiing on the slopes…cuddle up with your man in front of a fire. Perfect, right?
8.     Russia: There are far too few books set in Russia, with one of my favorites, The Gathering Storm series, being set there. I’d love to see more.
9.     England: See, if a book was set here, there would be a ton a hot guys with awesome accents. What more could I ask for?
10. ItalyI have never seen such amazing architecture. I think Italy would be a wonderful destination.

I can't wait for some of my favorite settings to pop up more in books! What are some of your favorites?


  1. I'm with you on Italy, England, and Russia. Both of those made my list.

    Greece and Paris probably should have been on my list, but I seem to read a lot about those two places. Great picks!

    Here's mine

    ~Danica Page
    Taking it One Page at a Time

  2. I love your list, beach towns would be such a great setting! :) My TTT list:

  3. I chose London as one of mine but anywhere in England works too. Great list!

    Here's my Top Ten:

  4. Good list, I'd like to read stories set in space, boarding schools, Russia and England as well.