Top Ten Tuesday (8): Bookish Resolutions/Goals for 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (8): Bookish Resolutions/Goals for 2013
Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. For more information and a list of past and future topics, go here.
  1. Read 155 books this year: This is my goal on Goodreads, and I read 150 books in 2012. I think I can accomplish this, as there are many wonderful books coming out in 2013!
  2. Complete the 2013 Paranormal Reading Challenge: Since paranormal is my favorite genre (most days, it changes depending on what I’m reading sometimes), I felt I definitely had to join this challenge. Find out the super awesome details here.
  3. Meet the amazing authors that write the books I love: I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Cassandra Clare (I know…freakin’ amazing) and Ally Condie. There are some events, such as the Dark Days tour and the Breathless Reads tour that are coming up soon, which I’m dying to go to!
  4. Read more books outside of my comfort zone: Since I sometimes only stick to the paranormal genre and the like, I want to try and read more contemporary books and other genres. There are books out there that could end up being my favorite book ever if I just put myself out there.
  5. Read more NA books: I have starting to read some books by Abbi Glines and Jessica Sorensen, and I have loved them all. I definitely want to continue exploring this genre.
  6. Meet more bloggers: I have loved all the bloggers I have met so far, and it is definitely a wonderful community out there. I want to meet more friends!
  7. Comment and follow more cool blogs: I like commenting on other blogs and hearing what others think about books. This is one of the best parts about blogging!
  8. Don’t be afraid: I resolve not to be afraid to reach out to bloggers, publishers, and authors, and to not be afraid to request books from publishers or Netgalley.
  9. Host my first giveaway: I want to host a giveaway whenever I get a certain amount of followers!
  10. Be unique: I resolve to be unique in my posts and everything associated with my blog! My biggest fear is being monotonous and boring!


  1. Giveaways are definitely fun and a great way to attract new readers! I've done two and get a little worried that no one will enter- but they do!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's definitely a difficult thing to not keep buying books. I almost bought another few books while I was out shopping today with the boyfriend and he looked at me and he was like, why don't you read the books you already have? haha. To say the least, I put the books down and didn't buy any today. But as soon as I read at least 6 that I have on my shelves, I'm definitely going on a shopping spree :P
    Great meeting you! Hope to chat more!

  3. I wish i could meet more of my favorite authors. I got to meet GRRM and that's was sort of a miracle in this forgotten country of ours. :) We have too little signings.

    My TTT

  4. 5,6,7,8,9 are on my goals too, though some didnt make it to the top ten. I really wish I could meet authors, but I dont think they come to the Philippines. Im not sure if there are blogging events, either. *sigh*

    My Goals for 2013

  5. I hope to read outside of my genre box too this year too.